Sumiirihishigata Mamezara

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Sumiirihishigata Mamezara by Studio M'

In Japan, Mamezara, the bean dish(豆皿), is the name for plates that less than 10cm in diameter.

In fact, the name "Mamezara" is new. Before that, the tiny plates were called "Teshio-zara".

Teshio-zara is used as chopsticks' rest to "purify the dinner."

As time has passed, the Teshio-zara became Mamezara, and it can be used to serve any small dishes or soy sauce.



W9.1 / D7.6 / H2.3 (cm)



  • Material: Pottery
  • Microwave safe
  • Made in Japan
  • The pattern is applied by hand, so each individual is unique and slightly different. It may be faint, misaligned, or shaded. This is the charm of handcraft tableware.


Credit to "Marumitsu Poterie"

Brand: Studio M'