Rokuro SABICO Series Plate

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SABICO Series Plate by Rokuro Mino Ware

This series is used in Michelin Guide Restaurant in Hong Kong.

The scraping pattern of the rim is a beautiful plate.

The warm coloring makes it easy to color the table.



Dinner Plate: Width 24.5cm x Height 3cm
Deep Plate: Width 21cm x Height 4.5cm
Small Deep Plate: Width 17cm x Height 4cm

Oval Salad Bowl: Width 22.5cm x 17cm x Height 6.5cm


  • Material: Porcelain (Mino Ware)
  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Packaging: Cardboard box
  • Please be noted that due to the nature of the handcrafted pottery and porcelain. It is normal that you may find colored spots/marks (they have a name in Japanese: Gohonte), ice crack patterns, uneven surfaces or colors. They introduce the unique accent into each piece, which is the charm of hand-made tableware. Pictures are only for reference.