Miyama Mizu Mizu 瑞々 Gourd Bowls

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Mizu Mizu 瑞々 Gourd Bowls by Miyama Mino Ware

Mizu Mizu is a charming centerpiece of the daily dining table. Oda Pottery, Miyama, and designer Rina Ono work together to create while envisioning the scenery of the daily dining table so that the centerpiece looks fresh.

Ruizu (瑞々) have two colours: glossy blue-white and caramel candy. These two colours has been commonly used since ancient times. The old-fashioned slight blue colour and the warm caramel-like candy-colored dish bowls give you a sense of depth that shines in both Japanese and Western dishes. It is made with the intention of harmonizing not only with Western food, but also with Japanese food such as grilled fish, meat dishes, and simmered dishes.



5" Gourd Bowl:
Width: 15 x 12 cm Height: 3.6cm

6" Gourd Bowl:
Width: 17.5 x 17.5 cm Height: 5.6 cm

7" Gourd Bowl:
Width: 20 x 16 cm Height: 4.5cm 


  • Material: Porcelain (Mino Ware)
  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Please be noted that due to the nature of the handcrafted pottery and porcelain. It is normal that you may find colored spots/marks (they have a name in Japanese: Gohonte), ice crack patterns, uneven surfaces or colors. They introduce the unique accent into each piece, which is the charm of hand-made tableware. Pictures are only for reference.