Goshu Engizara

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Goshu Engizara by Studio M'

五種縁起 大豆皿 

Five kinds of lucky dishes are inspired by the motifs that have auspicious meaning in Japanese culture. 

It is the perfect size to put condiments and snacks. You can also use it as a container to put side dishes and fruits. 



Ume (梅)
W8.4 / D7.7 / H1.8 (cm)
Hisago (ひさご)
W12.2 / D6 / H2 (cm)
Hagoita (羽子板)
W11.8 / D5.4 / H2 (cm)
Chidori (千鳥)
W9.5 / D9.4 / H1.7 (cm)
Matsu (松)
W11.8 / D7.2 / H1.7 (cm)



  • Material: Pottery
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher NOT Safe
  • Made in Japan
  • All pieces are HANDMADE and will show the marks of the process. Each individual is unique and slightly different in form, proportion, or size. This is the charm of handcraft tableware.


Credit to "Marumitsu Poterie"

Brand: Studio M'