Cachet Bachi Bowl

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Cachet Bachi Bowl by Studio M'

The Cachet Bachi bowl is typical Japanese tableware of Studio M', with decorative contours and subtle reliefs added to the rim. Since the painting is handmade by craftsmen one by one, if you look closely at the lines and stamps, there will be deviations and faintness, but such a place is also a unique taste to work with. 

There are two colour selections: Goth Blue and Rust Tea. Both are finished in a warm painting. The 5.5-inch bowl is ideal to serve simmered dishes, salads, fruits, and side dishes.



W15.8 / D16.5 / H4.2 (cm)



  • Material: Pottery
  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher NOT safe
  • There are individual differences in the color of the product.
  • The glaze may uneven in each individual. There may be places where the color expression is not uniform. One factor is that the glaze may be applied thickly or thinly depending on the shape of the vessel. 
  • Pinholes may be noticeable on the surface of the product. Pottery whose main component is soil contains a lot of air in the pottery at the stage of unglazed firing, which becomes bubbles during firing and appears as small holes on the surface of the glaze. This is called a pinhole.


Credit to "Marumitsu Poterie"

Brand: Studio M'