Studio M' Collection

Studio M' is a Japanese tableware brand under Marumitsu Poterie which was founded in 1950. "Meals Are Delightful" is Studio M's design philosophy and concept. 

Conceived for a fun and daily use at home, Studio M' includes everyday tableware items such as plate, mug, bowl, tea pot, and so on. The various styles ranging from Japanese-like to Western-like all have a common feature: a lovely, thoughtful and warm design. Studio M' introduces the modern Japanese esthetic to the world.


"Having a meal is not merely about eating.
Planning the menu & choosing the ingredients.
Cooking & seasoning the food to your liking.
Choosing the tableware & plating the food.
Eating with friends and family, or alone.
Washing your treasured dishes.

Having a delightful meal is about enjoying it all,
About enjoying these moments of happiness."

--Studio M'